Jan Krtička: The Tuning

28/4 — 28/5/2017

Kslhdafkjdhf ldkhdflgkfdhgldfk gh fghf kghfkgjdfksdjfksl gjrigůhERI GŮ ELJFDKGJ something disturbs me here ATIOHROŮGLDFŮGKJDFKGJerigbut you have to turn that wheeljW EOPJDKJS§jgs ljg sdflkja klgj klrgj§f§gj a§opharljagfogjraepgoj rogjedrl kgjfdk lgjfkl something is happening somewhere around here, but we have no idea what it is askljfrklgjrgkl vgjrkl grjkl gjrkj gkrl it is as if everyone had their own truth streaming towards them via different radio waves fskjfdsklj gkfjgkl radio waves are essentially a part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation with a particular wavelength? skfjskgjkglkl is it like an ocean wave? Kgfkjghfjk fgjfkghdfklsdfhk how should I even imagine one? Jhlkjlhj sdghdfjgkhfgjkfdhgjk it could be as long as thousands of kilometers skfhdfgkjhdfjkgh akfh what’s for lunch? Skvjkvjfklj gkjdf alternating current and its circuit with an antenna attached kdgjklagklgv they’re playing pretty nice today sdgkjkgldfhg dkhgdkf half a kilo of sugar and powdered milk  askfhkjghjgkfdhak gskksg light is as quick as radio kdgjfkdlsgjfkg or, more specifically, its waves skgjkger we’re by the ocean again aklghfgkfh kfghkd it’s light and it’ll be twenty-six degrees d jk jdghdfg don’t forget to wash your hands skjfhdjkss it’ll squeeze a bit vskfjfkgjf then you’ll know the power of the barrel kgfjkgfj. everybody speaks the truth aklgjfkgj the truth is the name of a Slovak communist newspaper khfjkghf jg it is also a claim klsafjdkfj can we do without it? Kldfkgh flkl channel six is lying skdfkdfk and so they opened all the sewer channels in the streets akshfkhgkd the number of spaces and their intensity is solely up to the viewer who wants to join the game klskfldfg lksgjfkgj do you think anyone will notice? Klegfklgjfkl sdeituWPOTJSOP gkdf there is one long-term process OAPRI FDKDL I am hear to listen sdkjjk I’m a bit embarrassed to turn the dial aksljgfklgj relax asklgjrk QPAORKF nfdl good thing it’s small here slkgj is there any point in those lists? Sdklvfdlkv skfj The interactions between two objects, people, situations, you and me tell us much skldjf lskdjawůgkQWGvdf skjgfdf kafgvda ekůšršqtjtls qajrk hey you never know who might hear youzsklfs skgj kdgj am in the different sounds we can find much from the artist’s older works jkdhf hsfdjkhdale they’re announcing it like on the radio kjfk ddjkjgks. Have you ever heard a village public address system? First they play music kfjkgjdfkgjsdlskjv jfkjfkvjk something like that sjfksdjgkd and then they start the announcement, soon they announce you lskjf kdjfkjkskljg fkaůsflk a It’s nice to listen to a town, to hear what they say and announce. Have you even noticed that it has an endless spectrum?Skfhsvkjghls§awjrjklb krgs as if the town lived its own life, slkfjksg bhsWTIŮEW FKLD as if it had other dimensions that you only perceive when realize it, or maybe not, because you’re caught in it  skfsdkjfk fkldbjfklfbmc, bdfkssf,did you hear? I think it might’ve been a bird ,d fsdfg djgkhdls and that? That might be it, inconspicuous yet determining, contrast and driving force kjadfjd vsmng gslkj dakjs fj skdlgj s you yourself know that the problem isn’t seeing with one’s eyes, sometimes they are blinded by so many other senses,k dkj dfjkghslk ghjkasg kjgsdlgd ajghkjgd ffariuqiou gri I know, I’ll go put it on, that’s enough. .sskgfjs kfjkalkrjg kfgaa I don’t think that this will appear on the radio, or I’m deaf., skjfhs gkl EKLTJQPO FXVDF skgjd fůakrj gfl jdkfljgkl.The point is for me to have a different experience from this place, a kind of blind one, since I am strengthening my other senses  sdgklsdkfa kghdkflh khsfklhjd skfhjsdr there is some kind of storyline that happens in the present and records what is going on. Sdkjgkdls kfbfkj klsrgj sd I’ll hear that and tomorrow you won’t remember .,s gkfj dkfgjkfj gjPEO S.

curated by Tereza Záchová

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