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Martina Staňková – Holland Šukariben

27/4/2019 – 24/5/2019

opening 26/4/2019 7pm

Holland Šukariben presents the author as a painter of floral still lifes. Flowers fascinate her as a ambiguous universe which exists on its own. In her new work which may seem very playful and cute on the first sight we find melancholy and knowledge of fragility of human being’s life. In comparison with other painters, Staňková can offer the spectator an appreciable relief. She uses simple perhaps even untrained way of visual communication, for she consciously returns to reductive art forms or to authentic roots of human’s creativity. Martina Staňková studies in the studio of Jiří David at UMPRUM since 2016.

curated by Michal Pěchouček

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