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Jan Turner – The Stump Custody

22/3/2019 – 19/4/2019

opening 21/3/2019 7pm

Our conscious action is just a drop on a surface of the ocean of unconscious processes which we aren’t able to control or recognize, moreover we are fearing and misunderstanding them. The neural structure and functioning of our brain create fidgety type of universal human consciousness equal for all people. Something rather different is a specific and individual content of one’s mind – their thoughts, memories and ideas… their creativity and the way how it embodies itself. The creativity is a sign of the will to cross boundaries and break the rules. Within Jan Turner’s work is this characterized by remarkable form of optimism, messing with the constants like the arrow of time, laws of logic or probability. In his surprising and original oeuvre Turner’s ambitions are nothing less than enhancing our whole universe. As instrument to this uneasy task he embraces – completely on purpose – a stick or rather pieces of rotting wood.

curated by Pavel Švec

at 7 30 pm a musical concert by the band Růžoví Pěstouni will take place

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