current exhibition

Juliana Höschlová – Mind is a negative Bitch

30/8 – 29/9/2019

opening 29/9/2019 19h – fb event

Every Tuesday from 7pm or anytime with a previous arrangement on tel. +420 773 255 334 (except fhe week 14.9.-21.9.2019) karaoke performance will take a place fb event

Juliana Höschlová is a visual artist mainly working with the overlaps and transgressions of classical art forms such as painting, drawing or installation. The important circumstance is the emphasis on authenticity and a state of presence attacking the spectator.
The author studied at Academy of Fine Arts in a studio of Vladimír Skrepl and also at TNUA in Tchaj-pej, Taiwan. She was awarded with a residencies in Budapest, Graz, Asia or Prague Meetfactory.
Within her new exhibition in the 35m2 gallery Höschlová follows up her last performative projects using a popular form of karaoke as a tool of social connection. Karaoke and a phenomena of singing together, Höschlová already processed during her studies at Academy and now is recurring again to a very center of her current interest. Recently, her work is going through a state of catharsis transforming itself by personal experiencing of the today´s world problems. Panic, resignation, balance and the current topic of self-care and altruism are subsequent phases of Juliana’s work, reflecting the environmental crisis.

curated by Tereza Záchová