current exhibition

David Střeleček & Šimon Levitner – Všekazi

13/12/2019 – 10/1/2020

opening 12/12/2019 7pm fb event

The work of David Střeleček and Šimon Levitner has most often the form of metaphorical or actual perspectives to visions of different worlds or to our own with elements of an augmented reality. When entering the gallery we are going through one of them. We are founding ourselves in the middle of a fable about an insecurity, an awareness of self and a catharsis. We ascertain that the window is becoming a crooked mirror. When opening the perspectives outwards, we are opening perspectives inwards in the same time. We are entering a space which is being further opened in a myriad of ways and though we are neither behind or in front of but in between.

David Střeleček and Šimon Levitner are members of the BCAA collective and close friends. A mutually tuning is a reason for their multilayered collaboration. A strategy of communication has many forms. In one moment they become authors of the audiovisual project Mclaren Surface, within they are as reality congress and eva01 crushing digital data into a delicate grain. In another moment collecting dead tissue for building a wicker object of speculative character on the edge of an angled stone.

Šimon Levitner is graduate of FAMU and current student of AVU, graphic designer, VJ and reality congress.

David Střeleček is student of UMPRUM, designer and music producer eva01.

Curated by František Fekete