Genietta Varsi / Pumping Roots

10.6. 2022 – 14.7.2022, opening 9.6.2022 6pm

The body and its patterned and ever-shifting possibilities represent a significant element in the work of the Peruvian artist Genietta Varsi. She continually explores, reflects and demonstrates its boundaries (most often) with the aid of her own body or the bodies of others. She places the body in various situations – either from a holistic perspective, as a certain object in itself that functions like a machine without the need for us to constantly monitor it, or as a mass of substance that variously discharges and restores its functions. Genietta Varsi is an artist who via direct experience links archetypal principles of non-linear processes.
In her oeuvre we can discover a position well known to us from the avant-garde style of the 20th century, namely Dadaism – randomness, materialism, ready-mades or a fascination with strangeness. At the same time, here we can also locate elements of the performance art of the 1970s which spread throughout the Latin American continent in a specifically female current.
Curator: Tea Záchová