10/11 — 7/12/2018




This eventually happend…

Once upon a Time, an Unicorn and a Reptilian XXX inside Plato’s Cave.

Wow. Very rare event…

Answers without questions and questions without answers.

Only Them Trees witnessed that whatever, but the immense heatwave that followed… Ohhh it made them cry. And then the fire, u know…. Ohhh those Flames of Wonder.

And… nobody to harvest the fruits of knowledge…

In the streets of Global village –
No silence, No sound.
No darkness nor light.
In Echoes and Shadows the Futurure is bound.


Go on, pick some, have some, tell the tale…


Adaptive Mythology
Easy Essentialism
Emo Relativity
Fictional Formalism
Speculative Sincerity


The work of Namor Ynrobyv offers us a clear view of the gap between reality and ideas. Namor suffers from Platonic depression and Aristotelian mania. The view he offers is of the innards of Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. Namor is a kind of trickster, a guileful wizard who pokes fun of us but whose humor sees into the massive emptiness within Ouroboros.

When Namor paints, he paints the space of authenticity between himself and the painting. With his brushstrokes, he finds the cracks between Ouroboros’ scales. He gives physical form to tension in extension.

Namor Ynrobyv is constantly filling in cracks. One such crack is the space between the hegemony of the Unicorn (sensitivity with a phallus) and the Lizard (a false Illuminati). He seeks truth in its extreme, insane form.

Painting is a ritual; it is primitive magic, a return, the release of energy. At the same time, this ritual is performed in the name of the male ego, which unconsciously wants to do away with itself. Man is a reincarnated child from the hermaphrodite planet of Gethen. Art is an escape into a game with incomprehensible rules.

Namor Ynrobyv is a slacker who escaped a family tradition of seriousness and truth and set out on a path of spontaneous folly. But who is seated in Plato’s cave with tied hands, watching the shadows? Children and madmen, or the rest?

It has been said that financiers are modern shamans, because they are capable of summoning the immaterial spirits of financial speculation and thus offer liberation. Namor Ynrobyv is more of a modern magician who occasionally floats off into timelessness. In his free time, he builds an ezo-zero-zen temple hewn into the space between two skyscrapers in Manhattan. He is a speculator of the most extreme kind, speculating about pure presence. He prophesied presence – something that is in the air and that speaks to madmen and hypersensitive artists. 

Namor Ynrobyv is a bit of a hunter and gatherer. He hunts and gathers moments of zero ontology too fragile for the hands of others, who can only watch their personification in images. He tries to capture the zero point, the clash of profound mysticism with lofty mathematics. The theory of everything with the help of nothing. Disappearing into oneself, a somersault with Ouroboros.

Ezo-zero-zen represents our fascination with Atlantis, that fabled land beneath the surface. Namor Ynrobyv builds an ezo-zero-zen cave in which he reflects on the ideas of rapture, trance, and ecstasy. They are anachronisms, fragments of rituals of the past, and speculative spectacles of the future. 

curated by František Fekete & Kazimir Yusufovich

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