Jindřiška Jabůrková & Kristína Haviarová / Through Quiet Places You Shall Unite

08. 04. 2022 – 28. 05. 2022, opening 07. 04. 2022 6pm

This exhibition of the work of Jindřiška Jabůrková and Kristína Haviárová (both from the Academy of Fine Arts) brings a complete change of space in the perception of the gallery 35M2. The exhibition thus becomes an environment of the very matter not only of the space, but also of the individual objects that we view when they are at rest. The artists fully complement one another in their style. Neither is dominant, neither withdraws into the background. Interest comes in things that are ordinary, inessential, even materially interconnecting. Material is important here. It forms the main essence of the entire content of the exhibition. Both artists work very sensitively and delicately not only with material via its visual aspect, but also its unconscious one. 

I contain within myself everything you need. I am animalistic. I am moist. I am pliable. You can knead me in your hands. Gently. Lightly, and I take shape. According to you. According to what you want me to be. 

Place is always defined concretely, by means of a specific physical property and spatial delineation of matter – both artists consciously repudiate this. In their interest they focus on the spontaneous matter (energy) that flows between all objects, beings and entities, and creates a relationship between them. Matter (energy), however, is unconscious – we do not know where precisely it intersects and is reflected, we don’t see it, but we feel it. This substance transcends us. It reaches into the past, the present and simultaneously may appear also already in the future. Matter is also linked with the very outset. Earth as a source of nutrition, a source of growth, but also the ultimate end. From the earth we came, and to the earth we shall return. 

I contain within myself all that you offer. I am a compound. I am dry. I am a residue of your physical self. I slip through your fingers and you ignore me. You trample on me. 

Through the artists themselves the space takes on its qualities, which resemble a certain integrity of matter (environment). We perceive timelessness, a lonely desert or the metaphysical space of a landscape in which ephemeral living matter is played out. This substance defines also the individual boundaries of objects (which emerge), from which we may understand what we are dealing with – but the preconceptions of things that we have learned to denominate from a young age suddenly cease to make sense. As if we had run out of words to name them. These things seem to have returned to the primordial matter from which they originated. The absence of humanity, which we perceive in the exhibition, is supplemented by living matter via its everyday objects or the bedrocks of physical remains. The fluctuating nature of matter is part of the cycle of energy in this world. 

Curator: Tea Záchová

Photos: Peter Kolárčik