Marie Tomanová – It Was Once My Universe (exhibition temporarily closed)

due to the Czech government regulations about public space and culture institutions the 35m2 gallery and current exhibition is temporarily closed.

opening 6/3/2020 7pm fb event

Marie Tomanová is a Czech artist and photographer based in New York. At gallery 35M2, Tomanová reveals an entirely new body of work created during her first trip back home in eight years to her family farm in South Moravia, Czech Republic, It Was Once My Universe (2019).
As a video installation, it is contrasted and brought into tension with Live for the Weather (2017), a work based on Tomanova’s 2005-2010 diaristic photography of her life in Mikulov, Czech Republic. Together, Live for the Weather and It Was Once My Universe bring face-to-face two very separate existences and experiences, two bodies of self, not always past and not entirely present. Displacement, place, community, self, and memory are key themes in Tomanova’s work, first in her ongoing self-portraiture series (2014-), then in her Young American (2014-) portraits that allowed her to connect with others, to see herself in the context of a new environment and society, to see herself in the American landscape, and finally in her latest body of work, It Was Once My Universe, an ongoing, deeply personal project about her returning home to the Czech Republic.

Born in former Czechoslovakia, Marie Tomanova grew up in a small border town in South Moravia. She received BFA in Studio Art from Masaryk University in 2007 and MFA in Painting from Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Technology, Czech Republic in 2010. After finishing her studies she left to United States and currently lives and works in NYC. Her work has changed dramatically in approach, mediums, and themes.

Curated by Thomas Beachdel & František Fekete