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Martin Vongrej – Orange

30/10/2020 – 29/11/2020

opening 29/10/2020 17-22pm fb event

Martin Vongrej  is an author living and working in Bratislava. His work consists in creating installations and situations that are sensitive to the exhibition space and its character. He uses a wide range of media such as painting, drawing, photography, text and everyday objects and plays out complex relationships between them based on a methodical but at the same time intuitive system. He works with the repetitiveness of patterns, perspective, repetitive motifs that fluctuate between the seen world and the viewer’s imagination. Vongrej’s works follow and respond to neo-avant-garde and conceptual art. At the exhibition Orange in the Gallery 35m2, Martin Vongrej will present an installation that is ostensibly about orange, but in fact has other intentions. You will find motifs that come up again and again and may provide the viewer with the key to thinking about everyday life and our usual thought processes in a new, more critical way.

curated by Viktória Beličáková