Èv van Hettmer & Sophie Utikal – Deep Within You is Ecstasy

28/10/2021 – 20/11/2021

opening 27/10/2021 6pm fb event

you can visit an opening in nearby Nau Gallery in the same time

19/11/2021 poetry reading by Anica Jenski a Alice Prajzentová

In an era of ever-increasing individualism, we have never been more isolated and depressed as a result of our desires and fantasies. To allow oneself to daydream is like a romantic utopia. We are faced with two worlds. Technology and surveys probe our levels of satisfaction, in order determine who is the happiest nation on earth, who has the best pop culture, where we can best entertain ourselves and find mutual fulfilment to be gratified and happy. These new methods might render happiness quantifiable and measurable, but the wretchedness of the soul, body and mind is boundless. After all, freedom, among other things, is the consciousness of our desires
The artist Èv van Hettmer was born in Czechoslovakia, and in her approach to painting she smashes all the previously applying stereotyped rules. Her themes again feature personal experience, which resonates with collective thinking = often of women. The taboos she presents to viewers are on first impression playful and wild, full of reading between the lines, but on second glance they are solidly radical. She metaphorically slaps the viewer with a striking palette of colours (pink, orange), and shortly before the end delivers the knockout blow with a robust statement. Hettmer opens up a Pandora’s box, in which we witness a process of abuse, rejection, treatment of the female body as an objet of desire, manipulated by patriarchal power forces not only in the world of art, and reacts to it with a poignant, sharp brush stroke – either in the form of a text or stylised objects of everyday use. She addresses questions of how to be a woman, an artist or a mother on behalf of us all.
The artist lives and works in Hamburg. She is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Hamburg.
The artist Sophie Utikal has Colombian background, which gives rise to her distinctive artistic practice within the framework of traditional material – hand-made textile works with figurative images. With the aid of a sensual colour palette which is pleasing to the eye, her textile works ambivalently refer to a critical issue within our society – the evaluation of the colour of the body. The personal here becomes the political – a personal history full of feelings of pain, traumas, recovery, migration or by contrast pleasant experiences is transformed into a story of all women who have had to subject themselves to the same evaluation and problems. In these textile works a decolonising perspective is recorded through a very fragile, sensitive physical experience and listening to one’s own physicality.
The artist lives and works in Berlin. She is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
curated by Tea Záchová